Visitors have the various region to  explore the different place in all around the world. India is known for its ancient culture and tradition that every visitor wants to explore in life at least once. Rajasthan is the most royal state of India and preferred by travelers, which offers a great chance to take a closer experience of the country’s spirituality and traditions.
Rajasthan has various royal cities, which offers a lot of famous tourist destinations and attracts the visitors throughout the year. Forts, Palaces and Havelies are the pride of this state, which magnificently stand here from ancient time. Apart from all the historical cultures this state is also famous for various colorful fair and festivals, which are celebrated round the year and Pushkar fair is one of them.

Pushkar is a small town located at the distance of around 14 kilometers from Ajmer. This town held the famous festival in the month of November in every year during the Kartik Purnima (a full moon light night). This entire city is surrounded by hills and one side from sandy banks. You can enjoy the great chance to explore the direct trading of cattle like camels, horses, sheep, goats etc.

This city is also known for one and only temple of Hindu’s lord Brahma. This year the Pushkar Fair 2020 Dates are lying between 22th to 30th November, but you can come here from October to March. This holy town has a holy Lake with 52 bathing ghats and 400 temples. So come and experience the Pushkar Fair India, bookings are starting now.

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