Travelling is an integral part of life that makes your daily routine something enthralling and more exciting. This country has many tourist places that scattered from east to west and from north to south with their uniqueness and its popularities.
Each state has its own culture, festival, fair and traditions. The biggest state of India is Rajasthan, which is famous for its colourful culture, royal hospitality and festivals. Pushkar Fair India is a world wide famous festival that is known for their largest camel fair.

There are various reasons behind this festival being so famous. There is a huge trade of cattle especially camels, which occur at this festival. Some famous activities that happen in this festival are camel race competition, bridal competition, the longest moustache and camel décor competition.<br

This festival is held on the bank of the famous lake in Pushkar. Here people come to take a holy dip in this lake and then go to the sacred Brahma temple to pray. After that they all enjoy this festival.

Pushkar Fair 2020 begins with a big camel race. Here you can enjoy the lovely music that played by local musicians that comes from all corners of Rajasthan. Here you can also visit the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti and Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer.

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