Every year for the duration of  October or November, Pushkar is adorned with collections of cattle like camels, sheep and various kinds of local people and travellers. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to enjoy this festive event.

This sacred place has a mythological story, which is based on the Hindu’s Lord Brahma. The lotus flower of Brahma fell down from his hand on that place, while he was searching a place to perform a Yagna on the world. After that, this place was famous as a name of Pushkar or “Flower child.”

It is definitely a unique experience when thousands of camels come together and participate in the festival. The market is prepared by local tradesmen for the trading of Camels in the central place of Market.

The scene becomes enthralled you with creative activities by local artists. Here you can visit the decorated cattle that make the entire fair enchanting and mesmerizing. Not even a single minute passes without this enthralling sight of cattle trading.

Pushkar Fair India tour package allows to the visitors to witness all the activities closely during day time as well as night time. Staying here at night is simply awesome when you can witness thousands of camels under the dark sky with stars.
There are many tour packages available here about Pushkar Fair 2020. All tourists can enjoy every bit of this amazing festival with us. That is why millions of tourists from all around the globe come and enjoy at the festival.

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