Indian festivals are too much popular in all around the globe, which gives you a great opportunity to explore the true Indian culture. For the colourful culture-Indian state Rajasthan is famous throughout the world. Pushkar is a small town that is located near about the Ajmer.
In every year the month of October or November (Kartik Purnima according to the Hindu calendar), Pushkar celebrates the annual festival that gives you a lifetime memorable experience. This festival fetches different kind of people from different fields like livestock traders, villagers, farmers and other artists.

Do you guess, what we are talking about? Yes, we are talking about the most popular cultural fair named Pushkar Fair India. This festival is famous for various cultural activities and trading of camels, horses, and sheep that make this event more enjoyable. People from near and far come here to visit this colourful event and also participate in the activities.

Visitors can enjoy here all the wonderful and fascinating activities, stay in tented camps, buy some beautiful handicraft and jewellery and enjoy the taste of traditional Indian food. This year, Pushkar Fair 2020 is celebrated from 22th to 30th of November.

It has a number of wonderful offers to everyone, which leaves the deep mark in explorer’s mind. All time during the festival is full of excitement with the various amazing activities. You can enjoy the dance and music in the open sky where you take a gala dinner. Every kind of visitors can enjoy their pleasurable time and make this tour lifetime memorable.

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