According to Indian mythology, Pushakr is one of the oldest and most sacred city of India. It lies in the surrounding of the holy Pushkar lake. It is one of the world largest cattle fairs that’s held every year in the month of October/November (Kartik-according to the Hindu calendar). At this time a small town host the world largest cattle fair.
This sleepy town is completely changed into a spectacular fair ground and the place is too much crowded at that time. During the first half of festival time it’s too much crowed with religious events and also cattle trading on its peak.

Year by year, Pushkar Fair India is becoming one of the famous cultural reflectors and magnetize people from each corner of the world. Through this annual festival, travel and tourism of India promote their traditions and culture in all around the universe.

This festival is a great platform for religious people, business man and who want to get a glimpse of various cultural faces of the fair and festivals. This year “Pushkar Fair 2014”lies in between 26th October to 6th November. Here you can also enjoy the horse race and camel race, these are the famous event during the festival. You can also get pleasure of a camel ride in Pushkar and purchase the various handy craft items.

There are various traditional games organized in sand dunes desert, a hot air balloon ride is a unique and famous game. The vibrantly dressed local people, give the wonderful glance of the fair. This festival has a very rustic petition for all cultural visitors.

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